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You can take various data entered in your company file and use it in other software or in other AccountRight company files. This process is called exporting data.
Some of the types of information you can export are: GST codes, accounts, custom lists, items, general journal entries, inventory adjustments, receive money transactions, spend money transactions, sales, purchases, cards, contact logs, jobs, activities and activity slips.
note : Single-user mode required for data export [AccountRight Premier and AccountRight Enterprise only]
You cannot export data when more than one user is logged in. For more information, see Single-user file locking for special tasks.
If your accountant uses MYOB Accountants Office, you can export financial information (including your journal entries, sales and purchases) directly to MYOB Accountants Office as a tab-delimited text file. This file can be sent by email or saved to disk. For more information, see Provide information to your accountant.
To export data
Go to the File menu, choose Export Data and then choose the type of data you want to export. The Export File window appears.
Click Continue. The Export Data window appears.
Choose the fields you want to export and the order in which you want to export them. For example, click on the first field you want to export in the AccountRight Fields column. Field 1 will appear in the Export Order column next to the field you selected. The field name will appear at the top of the Export Fields column on the left side of the window.
If you want to remove a field’s name from the Export Fields column, click its name in the AccountRight Fields column. If you want to export all the fields in the order they’re shown in the AccountRight Fields column, click Match All.
In the Save As window, enter a name and location for the export file and click Save. The data is exported and saved as a text file.

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