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To restore a backup
Restoring a backup file requires single-user access. For more information, see Single-user file locking for special tasks.
Go to the File menu and choose Restore. The Restore window appears.
If you have selected the Prompt for Data Backup When Closing option in the Preferences window (Security tab), a window appears asking if you want to back up your company file. If you want to back up your company file now, click Yes and follow the prompts; otherwise, click No.
In the Restore window, select the backup file you want to restore and click Open.
note :  
Select the folder where you want to save the restored file. By default, the restored file will be saved in the same folder as the backup file.
Click Save. A message appears showing that the company file will be restored to the selected folder.
Click OK to complete the restore.
When you restore a file that has not been activated, the Company File Activation window appears. If you do not need to enter transactions into the restored file, click I want to mark this file as Read Only and then click Continue to open the file in read-only mode.
If, later, you need to activate the read-only file, go to the Help menu and choose Activate Company File.
If you are restoring a backup file from a CD, the file will be read-only. To record new transactions to the file, you need to change the file’s attributes. Right-click the file, choose Properties and deselect the Read-only option.

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