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You can make electronic payments by preparing an electronic payment file and sending the file to your bank for processing (for example, using online banking software provided by your bank). Contact your bank for more information on how to send electronic payment files for processing.
Electronic payment files contain the payment information for your bank to process, including your bank details, your payees’ bank details and the amounts you want to pay.
Before you can prepare an electronic payment file, you need to complete the electronic payment setup tasks. For more information, see Set up electronic payments.
You record payments you want to make electronically in the Spend Money window or the Pay Bills window. You cannot record electronic payments in the Bank Register window.
When recording payments, you need to specify that the payment is to be made electronically by selecting the Group with Electronic Payments option.
To prepare an electronic payment
Go to the Banking command centre and click Prepare Electronic Payments. The Prepare Electronic Payments window appears.
In the Pay From Account field, select the bank account from which you are paying.
In the Bank Processing Date field, type or select the date you want the payment to be processed.
Click the select column () next to the payments you want to process.
Click Process. A window appears, informing you that the transaction will be recorded before the bank file is created.
Click OK. The Save As window appears.
Select the destination folder for the electronic payment file and click Save. The payment information is saved as a file that you can send to your bank for processing.

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